Creative Recovery and Resilience Residences [2021-2022]

‘On Beauty’, Kirsten Wehner in collaboration with residents of Weston Creek, Upending | Mending, Belco Arts, May – July 2022. Photograph by Gemma Fischer.

The Creative Recovery and Resilience Residences for cross sector, digital technology and innovation modelled distinct ways to cultivate long-term relationships and professional development, which can have enduring impact for participating artists and organisations.

The project was co-led by Vahri McKenzie and Denise Thwaites of the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research (University of Canberra) for artsACT, with Cathy Hope.

A comprehensive and competitive recruitment process led to the appointment of 5 excellent artists.

Established Artist in Digital Innovation Melanie Lane pursued an ambitious agenda to develop her knowledge and skills in digital robotics and digital gaming environments, producing two new works-in-development that have already been recognised in national and international contexts. Both digitally sophisticated new works explore a post-humanist world as ‘an archive of acts of human intimacy informed by choreographic, emotional and aesthetic parameters’.

Established Artist in Cross-sector Engagement Kirsten Wehner had a rare chance to focus on creative work in her busy career as leader of an arts organisation, leading to a career shift into a more creative role. She formed Catchment Studio with a group of like-minded artists, and in partnership with ACT Southern Catchment Group, they have secured an ACT Environment Grant to develop Finding Weston, Considering Country.

Emerging Artist in Cross-sector Engagement Miriam Slater focused on professional development as a community-engaged performing artist, with a focus on arts and mental health, and documentation of their creative processes. 

Emerging Artist in Digital Innovation Zhi Yi Cham planned to hone skills and resources for making digital poetry, and developed parallel practice streams in poetic composition and creative coding, securing a mentorship with New York-based poet Larissa Pham.

Emerging Creative Producer  Zora Pang played a key role in project delivery, and provided Zora with opportunities to learn about developing and evaluating innovative cultural programs, honing her skills in project design and management.

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