Creative Recovery and Resilience Forum [2021-2022]

Image credit: Seat at the Table discussion activity, Keeping it Real, 4 June 2022, University of Canberra. Photograph by Tobias Price.

The Creative Recovery and Resilience Forum provided a high-level framework for exploring themes, issues and opportunities for the ACT creative sector relating to recovery and resilience, for the benefit of project participants and the ACT creative ecology more broadly.

The Forum was co-led by Vahri McKenzie and Cathy Hope of the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research (University of Canberra) for artsACT. Denise Thwaites was Forum convener and and Kiri Morcombe was Forum Creative Producer.

Nine activities were produced between December 2021 and August 2022 in various locations, employing 90 artists and engaging 350 sector participants.

Keeping it Together: 2 December 2021, 5:30pm – 7:30pm. This playful and participatory online event explored the trials, tribulations and surprising silver-linings encountered as creative individuals and communities living through recent global events.

L: screenshot from Keeping it Together online event recording featuring DJ Maleika

Snailbox | the slow project (March to May 2022) was a letter-writing activity for 9 artists and a broader circle of readers and writers.

Skills Caravans (1, 2 & 3): April and May 2022. This multi-day and multi-site activity responded to emerging themes and skills gaps identified in consultation with ACT’s arts centres.

L: slow-stitch activity with Kiran Grewal and Michele Grimston, Skills Caravan 2. Photograph by Vahri McKenzie.

Keeping it Real: 4 June 2022, 1:00pm – 5:00pm, University of Canberra, saw us drawing together the themes and outcomes of the whole Creative Recovery and Resilience Program, with three activities and 100 participants.

Pitch Lab piloted a new model to deliver arts industry support, with 7 artists vying for $4000 in prize money as voted by those 7 artists.

L: Adam Deusien facilitates Pitch Lab at Keeping it Real. Photograph by Daniel Evans.

Seat at the Table gave 40 artists the opportunity to participate in a facilitated conversation about challenges, strategies, connections and support for the sector.

Showcase was a pop-up exhibition of photographs, films and other documents made by Creative Recovery and Resilience artists and producers over the last year, with guided tours by CRRP Artist in Residence Miriam Slater.

First Nations Gathering of Cultural Creatives: 7 August 2022, 3:00pm – 6:00pm

A yarning circle of cultural creatives brought together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, art workers, and arts supporters in a round table event hosted by the University of Canberra and ArtsACT to explore themes, issues, and opportunities for the ACT creative sector.

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