Performance Writing

McKenzie, Vahri (2019). Love You, Stranger performance text, BANG! BANG! Perth, Australia: The Blue Room Theatre.

McKenzie, Vahri (2016). Only the Envelope consent script. Bunbury, Australia: Bunbury Regional Art Galleries.

Research statement: In a scripted delivery designed to win ‘informed consent’, a ‘scientist’ offered visitors the opportunity to be involved in an ‘experiment’ by viewing an original video while wearing an eye-tracking device. The work offers a recursively playful performance of faith in ‘science’ that troubles a distinction between the apparently private experience of viewing art with the apparently public experience of being surveilled, exploring the notion that negotiating ‘informed consent’ is associated with loss of power and knowledge. (Performed in the re-enactment video).

McKenzie, Vahri (2015). Love You, Stranger performance text, Short Cuts 2015. Perth, Australia: Strut Dance.

McKenzie, Vahri (2014). Telephone performance text, inConversation. Perth, Australia: Spectrum Project Space.

Research statement: A cloze script designed for an interdisciplinary collaboration of four artists who tailored the script to perform personal dating advertisements in a video installation. Relationships between the characters emerge and dissolve; themes include longing to connect and the possibilities of relationship in the age of the digital social network. Research examines collaborative creative methodologies, finding that face-to-face work was required to generate the appropriate ethos and to balance solo and group practices within the collaborative frame. (Performed in the edited video).

McKenzie, Vahri (2012). Fool Asleep play script, Fringe World Festival 2012. Perth, Australia: The Treasury.

Research statement: A one-act play that used spoken text with original video and dance to present the complex relationship between a subject of a sleeping disorder and an examining sleep scientist. The script, based on lay and scientific sleep science texts, reframed scientific discourse and so questioned the assumptions that have rapidly created a new medical speciality. Part of a body of work investigating the pathologisation of sleep through performance research.