cellF: Surrogate musicianship as a manifestation of in-vitro intelligence

McKenzie, V.; Thompson, N.; Moore, D.; & Ben-Ary, G. (2021). cellF: Surrogate musicianship as a manifestation of in-vitro intelligence. In E. Reck Miranda (ed.), Handbook of Artificial Intelligence for Music: Foundations, Advanced Approaches, and Developments for Creativity (pp. 915-929). Springer. cellF is a collaborative project at the 

‘Come all savage creatures’: Becoming Bakkhai in the south west of Western Australia

McKenzie, V. & Boxall, K. (2021): ‘Come all savage creatures’: Becoming Bakkhai in the south west of Western Australia. In A. Harris & S. Holman Jones (eds.), Affective Movements, Methods and Pedagogies (pp. 142-157). Abingdon, UK: Routledge. This paper tracks affective dimensions of participation in 

The Other Writing Group

McKenzie, Vahri (2019). The Other Writing Group: an embodied workshop, TEXT Special Issue 57: Peripheral Visions. New insights and approaches to creative activity grounded in embodiment have the potential to enhance creative writing practices by focusing on the embodied dimensions of writing, such as undertaking 

Only the Envelope: Artistic interpretations of eye-tracking imagery

McKenzie, Vahri and Ferguson, Neil K. (2018). Only the Envelope: artistic interpretations of eye-tracking imagery. Journal for Artistic Research 15. Only the Envelope (OTE) combines several research methodologies to investigate the ways we share personal information in the public sphere. This exposition presents video and 

Reimagining social work case studies

Boxall, K.; McKenzie, V.; Henderson, Aishath, S.; & Mazza D. (2018): Reimagining social work case studies: a social work—creative writing collaboration, Social Work Education, DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2018.1458831 This paper describes a joint social work and creative writing project which analysed case studies from the perspectives of