Extending Underscore Alchemy

McKenzie, V. (2014). Extending Underscore Alchemy. Brolga: An Australian journal about dance 39, December 2014, 35-42.

‘Underscore Alchemy’ is a research project designed to investigate how artists from disciplines outside the performing arts might engage with Nancy Stark Smith’s collaborative improvisation model, the Underscore. As an academic and arts practitioner with a background in performing arts as well as writing and literature, I am interested in finding ways to bring the knowledge of ‘body’ disciplines into the experience of my non-dancing arts students. ‘Underscore Alchemy’ offered one such opportunity, which was inspired by my participation in Nancy Stark Smith’s January Workshop 2013. This article will address how the Underscore was adapted for multidisciplinary use, and what happened when it was presented in a series of research workshops to a variety of artists with different creative practices.